The Thrill of Career Victory and The Agony of Defeat
The Thrill of Career Victory and The Agony of Defeat
National unemployment numbers are the lowest in recent history and jobs are more plentiful but finding the right career fit can still be a challenge. Some are re-entering the job world after a planned hiatus – like taking time off to raise children, caring for elderly parents, or becoming a trailing spouse following a partner’s new career opportunity in a different location.

Others find themselves in unexpected career scenarios like being downsized, fired, or having to re-enter the workforce after a divorce or personal health crisis.

Getting back into the career saddle can be emotionally debilitating and takes grit and perseverance. Leaving a job interview believing you nailed it only to find out an offer was extended to another candidate can bruise your self-confidence.

You may suffer from the Imposter Syndrome doubting your value-add, your credentials, and your experience. Rest assured, these feelings are normal but only you have the power to overcome adversity and convince an employer that you are a significant return on their investment.

These strategies will empower you to recover faster and move towards the career victory that you deserve!

Resilience Rules – one of the most sought after competencies is the ability to recover from a set back. If you can demonstrate your capacity to regain your mojo after a stumbling block you will prove that you can handle change and adversity, which are commonplace in the career world. Showcase your resilience with examples of how you failed forward, learned from the situation and are stronger for it now.

Thick Skin – sometimes you lose out on a job or promotional opportunity when it has absolutely nothing to do with your talent or experience. Things happen that are beyond your control all the time so develop a thick skin and let it roll. Don’t take defeat personally and channel your energy towards the next opportunity. Great leaders have enthusiastic fans and harsh critics so work on letting go of needing to be liked. Surround yourself with a personal board of directors that will give you authentic feedback meant to help you go from good to great.

Get Back on the Career Horse – achievement rarely happens overnight and successful people have stories to share about how they powered through failure, defeat, and serious setbacks. Perseverance is essential so consider your career a marathon and not a sprint. Showcase your ability to recover and work towards a new career victory after every defeat.